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The Evolution of a Business and a Brand

Heidi Callier did not follow the typical design route to get where she is today. Yet, she is incredibly successful and well-known for her unique style. We recently had Heidi on the podcast, where we discussed the evolution of her widely respected brand and the impact that becoming a brand has on the continued growth and development of her interior design business. We discussed her approach to supporting projects across the country, her team structure, and her streamlined project selection process.

Heidi also shared the process of developing her first book, due this Fall, and her collaboration with long-time friend and photographer Haris Kenjar. Below is a breakdown of Heidi’s evolution from where she began to where she is today.

Where It Started

Before getting into design, Heidi did many other things. She lived in Africa, traveled, waited tables, worked as a scuba diving instructor, and went to Nursing and Acupuncture Schools. It wasn’t until she landed in San Francisco that she realized she might be interested in interior design. So she began a design blog on a whim which led to her first job in design.

Working in a Showroom

Heidi first landed a job at a small Bay Area design firm that she admitted she wasn’t qualified for. Realizing she needed more of an education in design, she went to work in a showroom in the Design Center in San Francisco. Showrooms are a great place to learn about the design business, including invoicing, trade pricing, and meeting people in the industry.

The Slow Burn

Heidi had some of her earlier projects picked up, but otherwise, her company’s success has been slow and methodical. She has a beautiful Instagram where she only posts pictures of the types of projects she wants to work on to attract more of them. Through consistency, adapting after the pandemic, and a good team, Heidi has created a strong name for herself as one of the most esteemed designers in the industry.

Heidi took her own path to achieve design success. We hope you feel inspired and refreshed by her evolution.

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