E3 Rona Graf

Welcome to Design Biz Survival Guide, a podcast about life and business for interior design professionals. I’m your host – Rick Campos

Today we welcome Rona Graf of Grace Blu Designs www.graceblu.com. Rona has been in the Interior design community for eleven years and specializes in residential new construction and major re-models. During our conversation we talk about the business of design on every level. From staying ahead of the curve to her approach to qualifying the perfect clients, Rona lets us in on the the things that drive her business and her success.

So let’s get started…



I couldn’t resist bringing to Rona’s attention her reference to her entrepreneurial spirit that seemingly stems from child hood.  We can probably all recall a time in our childhood which may have prompted our passion for interior design but to also have that entrepreneurial drive fueling the passion at such a young age is admittedly a winning combination.

Launching her business from a place of profit and financial sense is truly inspirational. I launched my business around the same time as Rona and I can attest that a paycheck was the last thing on my mind.  I made a lot of mistakes along the way and that was one of my biggest. Business is business and that entails paychecks (and taxes)… bit thats another show.

Listening to Rona talk about saying “NO” just made me sigh with relief. I hope that every designer I interview in the future talks about their journey to the big N-O. That one small word is a game changer for your business.  It reinforces your value and your commitment to your business.

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