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152: Melissa Muszynski | Re-discovering your Definition of Success

Today we welcome Melissa Muszynski, founder of MBM Design based in Wethersfield, Connecticut. In this episode, Melissa shares how an unexpected injury and a lengthy recovery helped her realize the impact that the home environment has on the healing process. This realization shifted her priorities and prompted her to say goodbye to corporate and launch her own interior design business. We also discuss the transferable skills that helped Melissa get the business off the ground and her slow and strategic approach to scaling.


Show Highlights:

  • Melissa’s previous career and the incident that made her want to start a new career in design
  • How her background in PR and project management helped her in the design business
  • Melissa’s business model, typical project type, team size, etc
  • Challenges she faced launching her business during the COVID-19 pandemic and how she overcame them
  • The role of a positive mindset for success in the interior design industry
  • Importance of building up your community that will help you and collaborate with you
  • Melissa’s slow and strategic approach to scaling the business


Notable Quotes:

  • “We think we have to take it all on and save the world every single day. But we forget, we have to first worry about saving ourselves.” – Melissa Muszynski.
  • “The secret to survival is believing in yourself, and knowing there’s no competition other than yourself.” – Melissa Muszynski.
  • “Not everyone will do something the way you want it to be done.” – Melissa Muszynski.


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