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151: RDW Design Studio | Special Industry Spotlight Episode

This is a special Industry Spotlight episode of Design Biz Survival Guide. This special format is designed to share brands and partners that support designers both creatively and professionally. This supplemental podcast format is our way of sharing valuable information and resources for your business with you, our loyal listeners.

Today, we’re speaking with Robyn White — the owner and founder of RDW Design Studio. RDW Design Studio specializes in creating captivating websites and SEO strategies for Interior Designers and the Home Industry. Robyn’s meticulous attention to detail, streamlined process, and ability to provide impeccable service makes RDW Design Studio the go-to resource for design professionals ready to step into their next level of success.

Show Highlights:

  • The services RDW Design Studio provides for interior designers
  • Robyn’s background and how she became a part of the interior design community
  • How Robyn helps interior designers attract clients through strategic website design 
  • Influence of Robyn’s experience working at an international art gallery on her approach to website designing
  • Robyn’s four phase process for website development
  • Things that designers need to prepare to work with Robyn
  • The differences between website platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace
  • Tips and strategies for website designing, including photographs, marketing, etc
  • RDW Design Studio now offers SEO services for all websites, not just the ones they designed 

Notable Quotes:

  • “Your website is your number one strategic marketing tool.” – Robyn White
  • “Everything that is going into your website needs to strategically give the visitor the information they need through your website, to guide them to convert to contact you.” – Robyn White
  • “Designers don’t neglect your website, it really is your calling card.” – Rick 

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Supporting Resources:

RDW Design Studio Website –

Robyn on Instagram –

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