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150: Breegan Jane | The Intersection of Preparation and Opportunity

Today, we welcome Designer, TV Host, and Philanthropist – Breegan Jane. In this episode, we take a guided tour of Breegan’s multi-faceted design business, and we explore how a combination of vision and preparation has made her one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. We discuss ideal clients and setting expectations, and Breegan breaks down her pricing model then and now and why it works for her business. We also discuss the team and strategy behind the brand and what it really takes to keep all of the plates spinning. Her secret weapon for getting things done may or may not surprise you.

Show Highlights:

  • Breegan’s design journey and background in modeling and acting 
  • The evolution of her business from fashion to interior design
  • Breegan’s current multi-faceted business model — design, TV appearances, and licensing products
  • How Breegan balances client work with TV commitments  
  • Pricing challenges for creative professionals
  • Breegan’s monthly retainer pricing model for her design services
  • Structure of her team and outsourcing work instead of having full-time employees
  • Advice for designers pursuing visibility for their brand — prioritize consistency over perfection


Notable Quotes:

  • “I always knew that the creative arts could be something that was a prestigious way to take care of your family.” – Breegan Jane.
  • “I value being a business owner who wants to give my business the best. And I found that outsourcing to people who also like owning their own business, we tend to be of like minds, who are trying to create the best possible outcome.” – Breegan Jane.
  • “The closer you get to your dreams, the harder it is to blindly follow them.” – Breegan Jane.
  • “Consistency overrules perfection. Visibility is your preparation for the opportunity. Don’t let perfection get in the way of your visibility. Show the world who you are.” – Breegan Jane.


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