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149: Patrick Ediger | Big Impact, Small Footprint

Today we welcome Patrick Ediger — Founder and Principal Designer of the namesake residential design firm based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, Patrick shares his journey of design from the Hollywood talent industry to launching his own design business eleven years ago. Patrick shares how exploring and discovering resources and artisans in and around Los Angeles helped him develop a unique sustainable approach to design. We also discuss the impact that custom and vintage sourcing has on profit and how Patrick’s rule of thirds creates a story behind the design that takes his client experience to a new level.


Show Highlights:

  • Patrick’s journey in design and his design business model
  • Patrick’s experience working in Los Angeles and how it influenced his sustainable design approach
  • The benefits of utilizing local resources and custom work
  • Patrick’s rule of thirds for sourcing — one-third local, sustainable, vintage
  • Importance of storytelling and transparency about efforts to clients
  • Marketing authentically and building trust with clients over time for sustainable growth


Notable Quotes:

  • “Success is not a tangible thing. It is leaving the space better than you found it.” – Patrick Ediger
  • “Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Don’t sell yourself short.” – Patrick Ediger
  • “We are the gatekeepers to literally everything that goes into our clients’ homes.” – Patrick Ediger


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