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147: House of Morrison I Special Industry Spotlight Episode

This is a special Industry Spotlight episode of Design Biz Survival Guide. This special format is designed to share brands and partners that support designers both creatively and professionally. This supplemental podcast format is our way of sharing valuable information and resources for your business with you, our loyal listeners.

Today, we’re speaking with Rachel Morrison and Andrew Morrison of House of Morrison – a made-to-order furniture manufacturer that caters exclusively to the trade. The Morrison brand is widely regarded for their notable luxury design, with projects throughout Southern California and beyond. Known for their tailored and collected aesthetic, their work has been featured in countless shelter magazines. 

In this episode, we discuss the backstory of their furniture manufacturing brand, the role that it plays in their ability to deliver extraordinary design to their clients, and their commitment to being a trusted trade resource to the interior design community.


Show Highlights:

  • Rachel and Andrew’s background and their role in House of Morrison 
  • The backstory of House of Morrison, how it started, and its evolution
  • HOM’s process of designing the furniture collection — sourcing inspiration, sketching, refining ideas, etc
  • The process of ordering furniture from the HOM
  • How HOM engages with and supports the design community
  • Rachel and Andrew’s decision to sell exclusively to the trade and the benefits it offers to designers
  • Type of clients HOM works with
  • Recommendations for key furniture pieces designers should invest in — sofas, dining tables, etc.


Notable Quotes:

  • “We wanted to give the designer the tools to be a designer. What we mean by that is that the fabrics, the wood finishes—clients have different needs. And we want to come up with a way where we could meet that objective.” – Andrew Morrison
  • “It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole home or just a bedroom, a House of Morrison piece should elevate the room. It’s that type of quality that we’re looking for that’s able to be passed down.” – Andrew Morrison
  • “Making the right selections on the key pieces can set the tone in the whole home.” – Rachel Morrison


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HOM Website –

HOM on Instagram –


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