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146: DuVal Reynolds | Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

Today we welcome DuVal Reynolds – founder and principal designer of DuVal Design – a full service interior design firm based in Fairfax, Virginia. In this episode, DuVal shares his journey of design from med school to design school and how he learned the inter workings of the business of design before launching his own design business six years ago. We also discuss his personalized approach to marketing and DuVal reveals how he developed a billing strategy that promotes consistency, accountability and most importantly, keeps the revenue flowing.

Show Highlights:

  • DuVal’s journey from medical school to becoming an interior designer and starting his own design business
  • The challenges DuVal faced when launching his own business—not having a portfolio and figuring out business structures
  • How DuVal grew his business over 6.5 years and now manages three businesses with a team of 8 people
  • DuVal’s approach to marketing his design business in the early days without a portfolio
  • DuVal’s pricing and billing strategy that promotes consistency, accountability and keeps the revenue flowing
  • The problems DuVal identified in the kitchen cabinet industry and started his own cabinetry business to provide a better solution
  • Advice on growing your design business efficiently while keeping overhead costs low


Notable Quotes:

  • “You should market when you’re the busiest, not when you’re slow. When business is booming, that’s when you really need to put the pedal to the metal and market.” – Rick
  • “Design is based on your perspective. And that’s all you have to give.” – DuVal Reynolds
  • “If growth means success to you, in whatever way it’s manifesting itself, you’re winning.” – Rick


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