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144: Josiah Lilly | Building Integrity-based Relationships in Life and Business

Today, we welcome Josiah Lilly—owner of EPIC Ceramic + Stone, a high-end residential tile and stone installation company based in Orange County, CA. In this episode, we discuss Josiah’s entrepreneurial journey from age 17 and his steadfast commitment to service and leadership, which has helped him grow his multi-faceted business model. 

Josiah candidly shares the pressure of being the youngest build partner on the job site, earning the respect of his peers, and the privilege of impacting the lives of his clients and team members.

Tune in to learn how building a culture of trust and family has taken Josiah’s business to new heights while also forging lifelong relationships around the world.

Show Highlights:

  • Josiah’s journey starting his tile and stone installation business
  • Surrounding yourself with talented people and taking advantage of learning opportunities
  • Josiah’s approach to developing a strong company culture and caring for his employees like family
  • Defining your niche in the creative industry and knowing who you are as a business
  • Building trust with clients and delivering excellent craftsmanship through dedicated teamwork 
  • Finding motivation through relationships and love of the craft


Notable Quotes:

  • “Take advantage of any opportunity you get.” – Josiah Lilly
  • “I think a lot of businesses that have their true identity and know who they are, are the ones that find the most success.” – Josiah Lilly
  • “Success for me is creating lifelong relationships and improving people’s lives.” – Josiah Lilly


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