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142: Widell + Boschetti | The Partnership Behind the Brand

Today, we welcome Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti, the talented duo behind Widell + Boschetti, a boutique interior design firm based in Moorestown, New Jersey. In this episode, we discuss the partnership that is synonymous with their brand and how they collaborated to launch their interior design business eight years ago. Barette and Christina have paid their dues along the way, and they candidly share the learning curve they had to endure to build their now thriving design business. We also discuss the nuances of partnership and the value of having a best friend in business who you can trust, confide in, strategize, and grow with.

Join us as we uncover the raw beginnings of Widell + Boschetti, where determination met opportunity in a less-than-ideal warehouse space. Despite the leaks, explosions, and lack of amenities, Barette and Christina’s positive outlook and gratitude for their early clients shine through. They share invaluable lessons on team building, financial management, and the continuous learning that fuels both personal and business growth. 

If you’re seeking genuine stories of overcoming challenges and finding success in the design world, this conversation with Barette and Christina is a must-listen.

Show Highlights:

  • The significance of their friendship and how it played a role in their business success.
  • Overcoming harsh business conditions, such as starting in a substandard workspace and expanding the team during financial difficulties.
  • The importance of a supportive team and delegating tasks based on strengths to focus on creative direction and brand growth.
  • Strategies for handling client expectations, problem-solving within the design industry, and the psychological aspects of client relationships.
  • Advice for new designers on building a successful business partnership and the essential nature of financial transparency.

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