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141: Amber Guyton | Behind the Scenes of an E-Design Business

Today we welcome Amber Guyton, founder and principal designer at Blessed Little Bungalow based out of Atlanta, GA. In this episode, Amber shares her journey from corporate marketing and advertising to design business owner. We discuss the strategy behind her e-design business model, her approach to visibility, and the real demands of running a business and building a brand. Our conversation wouldn’t be complete without talking about community and how it has helped empower her to shake the imposter syndrome and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

This episode is not just about the beauty of interior design; it’s also about the authenticity and boundaries that define us as professionals and individuals. Join us for an empowering foray into the heart of creative entrepreneurship, where the blueprint for success is uniquely your own.

Show Highlights:

  • Steps involved in starting a business, from securing domains to navigating the costs of health insurance as an entrepreneur.
  • The significance of community support in combating imposter syndrome and sustaining entrepreneurial spirit in the design industry.
  • Amber’s emphasis on authenticity and boundaries when working with clients and maintaining personal style in design.
  • Leveraging social media and personal branding to build a successful interior design business.
  • The importance of saying no to certain projects and clients to preserve personal integrity and professional values.

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