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137: Heather Vercellino | Going ALL IN on the Business of Design

Today, we welcome Heather Vercellino, owner and principal designer of Verce Design based in Troy, Michigan. In this episode, we discuss Heather’s “all-in” approach to overcoming obstacles and pursuing her passion. As a mom of three, Heather understands the need for boundaries and shares how she has developed a business model that allows her to be her best self for her clients and her family. Heather also shares her perspective on business coaching and the positive impact it had on her self-confidence and the growth of her design business.

From investing in coaching to building supportive communities, Heather believes in the power of collective growth. She shares her secret sauce for surviving in the design industry – finding inspiration in interior design, nurturing personal relationships, and forming strong friendships within the industry. She also sheds light on her experience with IDS, a platform that offers education and a welcoming community.

Tune in and get inspired to design your own path to success in the design business.

Show Highlights:

  • Heather’s journey of overcoming imposter syndrome and creating a successful business.
  • The importance of resilience, passion, and a supportive network in navigating the design industry.
  • Practical advice for designers, including transforming a showroom into a marketing tool and balancing work and personal life.
  • The benefits of having a business located in the Michigan Design Center and creating a sense of community amongst designers.
  • The value of sharing knowledge in the design industry and investing in coaching for business growth.
  • The power of collective growth, nurturing personal relationships, and finding inspiration in interior design for industry survival.
  • Heather’s experience with the Interior Design Society (IDS) and the educational and community benefits it offers.

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