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135: Keri Petersen | Online Visibility for Your Design Business

Today, we welcome Keri Petersen, founder of KP Spaces based in Seattle, WA. In this episode, we discuss Keri’s journey of figuring out the back end of the business of design and the self-work she had to put in to grow her business with confidence. We dive deep into the concept of SEO and online advertising and the impact it has had on the visibility of her business. Keri also pulls back the curtain on some of the misconceptions about paid advertising and why it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Keri’s understanding of the importance of marketing is astonishing. We delve into the world of AI for selecting keywords, vetting clients, and attracting both big and small projects. Keri’s survival guide for design businesses emphasizes the need for visibility and growth. By mastering SEO and Google Ads, you can make your business stand out, just like KP Spaces. 

Prepare to be inspired and learn how to navigate the intimidating world of paid advertising with confidence.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of SEO and online advertising in boosting business visibility and growth.
  • The significance of self-work for business owners and how it affects boundaries, pricing, and project choices.
  • Challenges faced in launching a design business and the importance of setting a vision for the business.
  • Strategies for mastering SEO and paid advertising to attract bigger projects.
  • Keri’s experience using AI to select keywords and vet clients.
  • The importance of gratitude and presence in defining success in the design business.

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