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131: 5-Year Anniversary Podcast Takeover with Meredith Huck

Today, we welcome back Meredith Huck of House of Huck, but this time she’ll be asking the questions, and I’ll be sharing “my” journey as part of our 5-Year Anniversary Podcast Takeover! In this episode, we reveal how I juggle the podcast, coaching, and producing learning opportunities for design professionals using information and advice that I learn from every conversation I have with fellow entrepreneurs on and off the podcast. We also discuss some of my biggest takeaways from over 130 podcast interviews, and I share my wish list of future podcast guests that may surprise you.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of defining one’s success markers and their impact on personal and professional journeys. 
  • The balance between proactive steps, risk-taking, and relying on fate for success. 
  • The role of routines and a balanced lifestyle in maintaining motivation and setting the right priorities.
  • The idea of diversifying business into multifaceted lanes using industry insights.

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