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129: Gideon Mendelson I 20 Years in the Business of Design

Join us as we journey with Gideon Mendelson, founder, and creative director of the Mendelson Group, as he reflects on his two-decade-long journey in the interior design industry. With experiences ranging from team development and client experience to marketing and striking a work-life balance, Gideon shares his insights into how the industry has evolved and the factors behind the success of his full-service interior design firm.

The importance of success in design and relationships is also highlighted as Gideon reflects on the lessons he has learned. Hear about his journey from having a mother who was an interior designer to founding the Mendelson Group. Understand the significance of being comfortable saying no, the shift of his definition of success from a focus on beautiful design to the experience of family in a home and the satisfaction of his clients. 

Lastly, Gideon shares the impact of having a team of career-minded associates and how this has refined his process to achieve a balance between work and life. Don’t miss this opportunity to get invaluable insights from a veteran in the industry. 

Show Highlights:

  • Gideon’s journey in the design industry and how he has shaped it through innovation and client experience.
  • The importance of team development and work-life balance in the design industry.
  • the evolution of the design business and the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing.
  • Gideon’s innovative approach to business, including the creation of a Director of Client Services role.
  • What success means in the design world, with Gideon emphasizing the experience of family living in a home and client satisfaction.
  • How being comfortable with saying ‘no’ has been crucial for his business.
  • How having a team of career-minded associates has helped balance work and life and refined his business processes.

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