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128: Amber Peterson | Navigating your Design Journey

Today we welcome Amber Peterson – Director of Store Design and Planning at PIRCH. In this episode, we explore Amber’s design journey and how she filled in the gaps in her design education to pursue a career in retail design ultimately. We also discuss her design team’s approach to setting expectations, collaborating with brands, and the delicate balance of designing with consumers and designers in mind. If you’ve ever walked through a PIRCH showroom and wondered…“Who designed this?”, you’re about to find out.

As we steer through Amber’s early career, from the sunny coasts of Southern California to becoming an indispensable asset at PIRCH, she doesn’t hold back in sharing her wisdom with those eager to venture into the dynamic design realm. Her mantra is simple – pinpoint your passion, do your research, and seize every opportunity that comes your way. She also reflects on her experiences with feedback, the essence of collaboration in the design process, and her personal definition of success.

Tune in and discover the myriad possibilities in the design industry.

Show Highlights:

  • Amber shares her journey from aspiring fashion designer to leading store design at a major retailer, highlighting the various paths a career in design can take.
  • The unique challenges and opportunities presented by retail design, including creating displays that boost sales and designing showrooms from scratch during a pandemic.
  • Amber’s approach to design, emphasizes the importance of understanding demographics, connecting with the community, and constantly refreshing showroom designs.
  • 4. The importance of continuing education in design, with Amber discussing her ongoing learning experiences in the field and the opportunities available for designers at PIRCH.
  • Amber’s advice for those exploring different paths in the design industry.
  • Amber’s personal definition of success, emphasizes the value of a work-life balance and not taking feedback personally.

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