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127: Rachel Usher I Community Over Competition, UK Edition

Today we welcome UK Interior Designer Rachel Usher to the podcast. Rachel is our first international featured designer on the podcast, and in this episode, she shares her journey of transitioning from a career filled with structure and authority into a new creative career path and some of the challenges she faced and overcame along the way. We also discuss international and cultural nuances when it comes to the business of design and the benefits of expanding your professional network beyond borders.

Join us for this engaging and insightful conversation with Rachel Usher and discover how her distinctive experiences have shaped her design journey.

Show Highlights:

  • Rachel Usher’s transition from law enforcement to interior design and the challenges she faced.
  • The importance of expanding one’s professional network and understanding cultural nuances in the design industry.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome and managing client expectations through direct communication and honesty.
  • The lack of resources and closed-off nature of the UK design community compared to the US.
  • The impact of Rachel’s background in law enforcement on her approach to business management.
  • The importance of community and collaboration in achieving success in the design world.

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