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126: Jude Charles | Demonstrating Leadership through Storytelling

Today we welcome back producer, author, and storyteller Jude Charles to the podcast. In this episode, Jude walks us through the process of producing his newly released docu-series about the life and journey of our favorite design community guru LuAnn Nigara. We revisit the five pillars of dramatic demonstration, and then we dive deep into the value of leadership and how communicating examples of your process and intention through storytelling establishes trust with your clients. We also revisit our conversation from episode 101 and what I learned from the process of developing one of my own stories into a lesson in leadership.

Join us in this insightful conversation as we discover how storytelling can change our perspective, create opportunities, and inspire us to lead others to greater heights in the design industry.

Show Highlights:

  • Live illustration, social proof, unique characteristics, and transformation are explored to take business to the next level.
  • Building confidence, storytelling, documenting lessons, and focusing on the lesson of the story.
  • How to have honest communication with clients, even in difficult situations
  • Nature’s influence on language, perception, and interaction.
  • Leading clients through design process, emphasizing storytelling, core values, and successes.
  • The importance of being relentless, having a voice and evidence of success, and confidently saying no.
  • Leading effectively and intentionally by recognizing gifts, pausing for feedback, constructing stories, and utilizing trust-building techniques.

Five dramatic demonstrations to tell the story about a moment in time for designers:

  1. Behind the Scenes (Pulling fabrics, selecting stone, antique shopping – the hunt.
  2. Live Illustration (Highlight the design, show it off)
  3. Social Proof (The big reveal and the emotion attached to it)
  4. Unique Mechanism (Characteristics that no one else can duplicate – how YOU do it)
  5. Transformation (Life after… testimonial)

Five ways to lead your client:

  1. Tell the truth even when it hurts.
  2. Have a clearly defined opinion and voice, and define your core values.
  3. Have the confidence to say NO.
  4. Get clear about who is the right fit for you to work with.
  5. What are your non-negotiables?

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