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120: Garrison Hullinger | Balancing Residential, Commercial and Hospitality Design

Today we welcome Garrison Hullinger, founder and principal designer of Garrison Hullinger Interior Design. The Portland-based firm has been recognized as one of the 100 fastest-growing businesses in Oregon and SW Washington, but the design journey for Garrison has been one of patience, self-discovery, and reinvention.

In this episode, we discuss the development and growth of his design career and then dive deep into the process of developing a truly multi-disciplinary design firm. We also discuss the structure and dynamic of his 22-member design team and Garrison’s leadership approach of measuring outcome, not output.

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Show Highlights:

  • How Garrison’s previous career as a processes and software developer transferred into his design career and being a business owner
  • The balance between residential, commercial, and hospitality design projects
  • Balancing teams and individual skill sets in each disciple
  • How employees learn to work as dynamic problem solvers

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