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117: Jarret Yoshida

You are not alone if you feel disorganized in your business and finances. It’s common for interior designers to attempt to be CPAs for their business which usually results in added stress and anxiety and accomplishes nothing. If you’re working remotely, having a structure in place to keep projects organized and on track and hiring people such as a CPA to manage your finances will do wonders for your business, your teammates, your clients, and yourself.

Today we welcome Jarret Yoshida, owner and principal designer of Jarret Yoshida Interior Design based in New York. In this episode, Jarrett shares his journey from politics to interior design and the challenges he faced and overcame during the development of his interior design business. We also discuss facing the fear of finances and how the adoption of reliable systems has supported the growth of his team and the diversity of projects he pursues.

Listen in to learn how implementing reliable systems can help keep you in your zone of genius.

Show Highlights:

  • What Jarret’s path from politics to interior design looked like
  • The characteristics Jarret looks for in a client he wants to work with
  • Why you have to trust your instincts when deciding if you want to work with someone
  • The importance of being transparent with clients before a problem occurs
  • How Jarret’s team expanded during Covid
  • The internal structures Jarret developed to make remote work possible for his team
  • How staying in your zone of genius is crucial for your success

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