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116: Alex Brzozowski

Interior designers have a lot of documents to keep track of, from emails, invoices, shopping receipts, pictures, and more. A lot of the time, they are saved in multiple locations on a computer and phone or in physical folders. Files are lost, which adds stress to our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Today we welcome Alex Brzozowski of Be Organizing, a digital organizing service designed to help businesses go paperless by organizing their digital files. In this episode, Alex shares how her legal career influenced her decision to launch her specialized business model and how her team helps businesses of all sizes become more organized and efficient. If you’re sharing digital files with your team, vendors, and clients, you need consistent and comprehensive file organization. We’ve got you covered!

Listen to learn how to go paperless and organize your digital files!

Show Highlights:

  • Alex’s history of working in law firms where all documents were digital & streamlined
  • Examples of what digital organizing is
  • Alex’s top tips for digital organization
  • Alex’s process for working with interior designers
  • How to organize your documents for tax purposes
  • Alex’s advice on organizing photos

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