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115: Candy Barton

If you frequently work on job sites where there is a general contractor, a floor guy, a plumber, and more, there can be communication errors and other variables that slow down the project. As the interior designer, you already have a lot of say over the project. Why not make the process more streamlined and become a licensed contractor yourself?

Today we welcome Candy Barton, principal designer of Barton + Barton Interiors based in Del Mar, CA. In this episode, Candy shares her passion for the construction side of design and her decision to become a licensed general contractor in the state of California. Candy shares the qualification process, things to consider, and the benefits of providing licensed project management and GC services to their clients. We also talk about the business and legal implications associated with adding this new layer of service and responsibility to her design business.

Listen in to learn more about becoming a licensed contractor.

Show Highlights:

  • Why having a general contractor’s license is beneficial
  • The importance of having a mentor
  • What to know before taking the general contractor test

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