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112: John McClain

Today we welcome John McClain, Creative Director and CEO of John McClain Interior Design, based in Los Angeles, CA, and Orlando, FL.

In this episode, John shares the pivotal moment in his design career that prompted him to implement formal processes and an extensive client agreement into his business model to protect his profits and his sanity. John also shares how that experience helped him develop an office environment of trust, independence, and growth, which has enabled him to pursue other creative endeavors like his new book titled “The Designer Within” – a professional guide to a well-styled home. 

Show Highlights:

  • Who is John McClain, and how has history and experience influenced his career?
  • The importance of systems and processes so the team can thrive and the client feels confident.
  • Why John’s team values overcommunicating with the client and each other.
  • The moment when John realized who his ideal client was.
  • How John practices “diligent delegating.”
  • The common sense approach that John offers in his teaching style.
  • Giving yourself permission to succeed, fail, or adapt to a new method.

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