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Interior design is a creative and rewarding career. However, thriving in the design industry involves more than just a keen eye for aesthetics. It’s a business, and like any other, it requires strategic planning, management, and a solid understanding of marketing. Keri Petersen, the brains behind KP Spaces, has successfully navigated the tricky world of design and online advertising. This post will dive into some of her insights that can help anyone looking to grow their design business.

The Journey to a Successful Design Business

The path to success is often a winding one, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. For Keri, this journey began with a degree in psychology, followed by work in showrooms, where she honed her business acumen. 

The leap from psychology to interior design may seem like a stretch, but her background provided a solid foundation for understanding clients and their needs. The experiences she gained from working in showrooms taught her invaluable lessons about the back end of the business, purchasing, sales, and how to run a design enterprise.

The importance of self-work, or personal development, is another critical aspect of building a successful business. It impacts how you set boundaries, price your services, and choose the projects you undertake. It’s essential to know your strengths and weaknesses and continually work on improving them.

Overcoming Business Challenges

Launching a business is never a smooth process. Keri faced her share of hurdles when she started KP Spaces. One significant challenge was the lack of resources and coaching at the time, making it difficult to figure out the back end of her business while juggling family responsibilities. 

Looking back, Keri believes that defining a vision for her business and focusing on what truly excited her would have been beneficial. Over the years, she opted to keep her team small, focusing on mentorship and leveraging the support of reliable freelancers. 

SEO and Paid Advertising: A Game Changer

Mastering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising was a game-changer for Keri’s business. These digital marketing strategies helped her attract larger projects while still appreciating the smaller ones. It’s essential to invest money in a marketing plan and give it a fair shot to see results. 

One common misconception is that Facebook ads or other forms of paid advertising won’t yield results. However, these platforms offer powerful AI-driven tools that can help you create effective ads and reach your target audience. 

Vetting Clients and Attracting Bigger Projects

When it comes to attracting clients, Keri believes in casting a wide net while still being specific about the types of clients she wants. She emphasizes the importance of using luxury language and visuals in ads to attract bigger projects. However, she also stresses the need to appreciate the smaller projects that come along. 

Vetting clients is another crucial part of the process. It helps ensure that you are working with clients who align with your vision and services. 

Navigating the world of design and business may seem daunting, but with the right mindset and strategies, you can thrive. It’s about embracing the journey, continually learning and growing, and making strategic decisions that align with your vision. With her mastery of SEO, paid advertising, and her experience in the field, Keri Petersen provides a roadmap to success in the design business. The key takeaway? Enjoy the journey, invest in growth and visibility, and make your business stand out.

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