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Mastering Survival in the Design Industry: Insights from Heather Vercellino

Navigating the design industry can be daunting. Challenges abound, and there’s no shortage of obstacles to overcome. But there’s also no shortage of triumphs and successes to celebrate. Heather Vercellino, the owner and principal designer of Versailles Design, is a testament to this. She shares valuable insights into how to navigate this challenging yet rewarding industry.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Heather’s journey as a designer began with an encounter with impostor syndrome. When a respected boss told her that she was not an interior designer, she took it as an attack on her identity. This shook her confidence and led to years of self-doubt.

Overcoming impostor syndrome is not easy, but Heather shows it’s possible. She found joy and pride in supporting other designers and learned to use her values to guide her business decisions. By staying true to herself and focusing on her passion, she proved that she was, indeed, an interior designer.

The Benefits of Having a Design Studio

Having a design studio is a significant step for any designer. Heather explains how she transformed her showroom into a marketing tool. This space allowed her clients to experience her aesthetic and values firsthand. It also fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among other designers.

One of the benefits of having a design studio, Heather shares, is the ability to set boundaries. By setting specific business hours and automating processes, she was able to create a balance between her work and personal life.

Sharing Knowledge in the Design Industry

Heather believes in the power of collective growth. She encourages designers to invest in coaching and to build supportive communities. By sharing knowledge and experiences, designers can help each other thrive in the industry.

Heather’s secret to surviving in the design industry involves finding inspiration in interior design, nurturing personal relationships, and forming strong friendships within the industry. She also highlights the benefits of platforms like IDS, which offers education and a welcoming community.

Building a Successful Community

One of Heather’s achievements is creating a vibrant and welcoming community through IDS Detroit. She recounts her journey of overcoming impostor syndrome and how investing in coaching has enabled her to lead and support others on their design journeys. Heather defines success as working with clients who trust and respect her, having boundaries, and being able to spend quality time with her family.

The design industry can be challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, it’s possible to thrive. Heather’s experiences provide valuable insights for anyone navigating the ups and downs of the design industry. Designers can survive and thrive in this competitive industry by overcoming impostor syndrome, creating a supportive network, setting boundaries, and sharing knowledge.

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