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Master the Art of Hiring

We recently welcomed Jamie Van Cuyk, Owner and Lead Strategist of “Growing Your Team,” a consulting firm specializing in mastering the art of hiring, on the podcast. In the episode, Jamie shared her process of identifying candidates, developing an effective interview, and evaluating personality and fit.

Jamie started hiring while working in operations leadership at an international marketing company. After moving into consulting, she realized she wanted to help small businesses with their hiring efforts and created “Growing Your Team.” Below are a few of her takes on some timely hiring topics. 

The Great Resignation

Covid caused a shift in what people valued. Although many were laid off or left their job, most could find other jobs that better aligned with their values. Before the Great Resignation, people were going through the motions and unhappy with their jobs. But many realized there was something better out there for them, so they stayed in the same industry but moved to a company that fit their lifestyle better. When hiring, you need to keep this in mind and hire people that will fit your company culture or shift your culture to match the current environment.

Remote & Hybrid Work

Many companies moved to a remote working environment – some successfully and some not so much. The difference is if the company chose to work remotely as a band-aid and never created a solid structure or if they restructured their company to make working remotely effective for everyone. However, Jamie says the best option is hybrid work because this allows for collaboration and connection among teammates.

Paying Employees Appropriately

Now that employees can work remotely, they can live anywhere in the United States. This can make things tricky for people who live in a state like California and apply to work for a company in Florida. The cost of living is drastically different; therefore, the California-based employee needs to make more to live. As an employer, you need to pay employees what you can afford but acknowledge these new factors.


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