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Implementing Reliable Systems To Keep You in Your Zone of Genius

Jarret Yoshida is the owner and principal designer of Jarret Yoshida Interior Design, based in New York. Jarrett was recently on the podcast and shared his journey from politics to interior design and the challenges he faced and overcame during the development of his interior design business. We also discussed facing the fear of finances and how the adoption of reliable systems has supported the growth of his team and the diversity of projects he pursues.

When Covid happened, like most businesses, Jarret had to pivot and find a way to work remotely and manage his team, clients, and finances. He implemented two internal structures that helped make remote work possible and helped his business and teammates succeed.


Design Manager

Design Manager is a project management and accounting software for interior designers. With Design Manager, an interior designer can organize all invoices, schedules, finances, and more. It helps to keep all the numbers organized so you can stay organized. Jarett admitted to struggling with managing his finances because that’s not his zone of genius. He then began using Design Manager, and he hired a CPA so his business could remain structured and he could finally see his cash flow.



Trello is known as the ultimate project management tool. With Trello, all teammates can easily work together on a project by breaking it down into tasks. The best part is that Trello provides templates. Therefore, all projects can be organized the same way, making items easier to find. It’s a highly beneficial tool when working remotely. Keep in mind that there may be a learning curve, and to be successful, you must take the time to make sure your team knows how to use and correctly.

With internal structures in place, you can remain in your zone of genius and get back to enjoying what you do best!

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