A COMMUNITY platform for Interior Design Professionals

A COMMUNITY platform for Interior Design Professionals​

The Evolution of a Business and a Brand

Heidi Callier did not follow the typical design route to get where she is today. Yet, she is incredibly successful and well-known for her unique style. We recently had Heidi on the podcast, where we discussed the evolution of her widely respected brand and the impact that becoming a brand has on the continued growth […]

10 Lessons Learned After a Decade in the Biz with Michelle Dirkse

In Episode 118 of Design Biz Survival Guide, we welcomed Michelle Dirkse – owner and Creative Director of her namesake interior design studio. The Seattle, Washington-based design business is celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and Michelle pulled back the curtain to reveal some valuable lessons learned along the way.  We all know how scary, overwhelming, and […]

Implementing Reliable Systems To Keep You in Your Zone of Genius

Jarret Yoshida is the owner and principal designer of Jarret Yoshida Interior Design, based in New York. Jarrett was recently on the podcast and shared his journey from politics to interior design and the challenges he faced and overcame during the development of his interior design business. We also discussed facing the fear of finances […]

Three Tips for Better Digital Organization in 2023

Interior designers have many documents to keep track of, from emails, invoices, shopping receipts, pictures, and more. A lot of the time, they are saved in multiple locations on a computer and phone or in physical folders. Files are lost, which adds stress to our lives, whether we realize it or not. We recently chatted […]

Should You Become a Licensed Contractor as an Interior Designer?

If you frequently work on job sites where there is a general contractor, a floor guy, a plumber, and more, there can be communication errors and other variables that slow down the project. As the interior designer, you already have a lot of say over the project. Why not make the process more streamlined and […]

Top Three Recession Strategies for Your Design Business

Do you know your design business well enough to have a plan to protect yourself during a recession? Luckily, there are steps you may follow to ensure your business is safe, and you can make any necessary pivots to stay afloat during tighter times. Katie McFarlan is the owner of Dakota Design Co., an operations […]

The Details are in the Data with Kate Lester

From the moment Kate Lester of KL Interiors and Kate Lester Home committed to a career in design, she also committed to creating a profitable and effective business model. She’s had many realizations along the way and keeps it super real with her clients and on Instagram. By sticking to her business model, her employees […]

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