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A little bit about me…

Hi – I’m Rick Campos and I am a recovering interior designer. I  discovered “podcasting” on a flight to Italy in 2017 and was hooked. After over 10 years of high end luxury interior design I was faced with the opportunity for reinvention. With my intuition as my guide, I traded in my measuring tape for a microphone and began to record  insightful conversations with fellow design professionals about life and the business of design and the Design Biz Survival Guide Podcast was born.

The podcast quickly scaled to a full blown community platform and now I spend my days coaching and consulting with design professionals to help them build better and more profitable businesses. I  also produce networking and learning opportunities for designers and I host 24 designers annually for my signature two day destination retreat where attendees learn business and personal development skills and connect with like minded entrepreneurs. 

When I’m not on air or on stage I spend my free time in the woods of Washington with my husband John and our Portuguese Water Dog Lucy, where I plan to one day raise chickens and goats while continuing to inform, inspire, and empower design professionals near and far on the platform. 

“This business of design can be lonely. Hours in the car, late nights, and weekends in the office. The struggle is real – it’s a right of passage. The good news is… it gets better. DBSG is here for you… we’re your sounding board, your design bestie, your ride or die. Together we’ll get you over that hump and support you on your journey of success.”


In addition to hosting informative and inspiring conversations on the podcast, I love to pay it forward by contributing my knowledge and experience to other podcasts. From the business of design to my own personal story of growth and reinvention – I’m an open book! 


The Prospect of Reinvention – The uncomfortable truth and the extraordinary rewards.

Why the Interior Design Community needs more Information and Inspiration.

How I scaled my podcast about life and design into a multi faceted platform.

What I’ve learned from over 100 interviews with design professionals and industry leaders.



Why did you leave what many would consider a dream job in design and what were the tell tale signs that you were ready for a change?

I’ll share my story of burnout and my strategy for reinvention. I’ll discuss the concept of defining my own definition of success and my formula for incorporating my passion with my calling to create a truly meaningful career path. 

Does the Interior Design Community really need another podcast?

I’ll explain the complexities of the business of design, the nuances you don’t learn about in design school, and the need for resources and continued education in the industry. I’ll also share how how the concept of community over competition has championed an entirely new generation of design entrepreneurs. 

When did you realize that podcasting could be a scalable business model?

I’ll share how I’ve leveraged the power of podcasting and converted it into a marketing tool to promote my coaching and consulting business and to further develop my popular and profitable two day destination retreat and regional one day power courses as well as an online subscriber community. 

What are your biggest take aways from your 100+ interviews with designers and industry leaders?

I’ll share the unexpected things that almost all designers have in common like overwhelm, imposters syndrome, and a misunderstanding of value as it relates to the client experience. I’ll also share some of the most impactful responses and ah-ha moments to these common pain points. 

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