A COMMUNITY platform for Interior Design Professionals

A COMMUNITY platform for Interior Design Professionals​

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more than a podcast... this is community.

Design Biz Survival Guide is the design community’s resource for inspiring conversations and valuable information to help you grow your design business. 

We’re more than just a podcast. We are a COMMUNITY. Design Biz Survival Guide is your destination for learning and networking opportunities to help you build a stronger and more profitable design business. 

A little bit about your host…

Rick Campos is a professional interior designer with over a decade of experience in the design industry. A graduate of Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach CA, Rick worked his way through the ranks by working at a design trade showroom and then as a design assistant for a notable interior design firm before launching his own design business and retail boutique in 2007. Most recently Director of Business Development for a leading OC design firm, his daily interactions with architects, builders, vendors and clients contributes to a broad perspective of the design industry.

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