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Ep 111 Ashley Clark

Today we welcome Ashley Clark to the podcast – owner and principal designer of SKOUT Interior Design. In this episode Ashley shares how when “life happened” in 2020 for her, she leaned on the dedication of her team and the strength of her business model to allow her to focus her attention on family. Ashley also shares how the experience redefined her perspective on work life balance, setting client expectations, and honoring that every project is an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary. 

EP 110 Kate Saunders

Today we welcome Kate Saunders – owner of The Designers Collab, a resource for busy interior design professionals who are looking to scale their business without increasing their overhead. In this episode Kate shares how her 20 years of experience in design and construction, fueled by curiosity, led her to a place of supporting the design community by directing her talents an skillset toward the success of others. We dive deep into the benefits of outsourcing, the new business mindset associated with it, and what the the state of your business should be in order to collaborate effectively. 

Ep 109 Melissa Galt

Today we welcome interior designer, author, and business coach Melissa Galt to the podcast. In this episode Melissa shares her design journey from the classroom to creative entrepreneur and the ah-ha moment that converted her life of chaos into a balanced, profitable design business. We also discuss Melissa’s perspective on “Attracting Affluent Clients” and what prompted her to write her book of the same title, which is a must have for every designer’s business resource library. Melissa embodies the definition of “paying it forward”.  Her unapologetic approach to business strategies and her optimistic perspective will inspire and empower you to thrive in life and business. 

Ep 108 Diana Paulson

Today we welcome Diana Paulson of LINEA Photo to the podcast. The Michigan based photographer with roots in California specializes in residential and commercial interior photography. In this episode Diana shares how she discovered her passion for interiors, pursued a formal education in design, and worked in hospitality until a move to Michigan changed everything. A pivot into interior photography changed Diana’s career course and taught her some valuable lessons along the way. Diana also shares her top tips to prepare for a photo shoot, her perspective on mentorship, and her personal definition of success.

Ep 107 Killy Scheer

Today we welcome Killy Scheer, founder of Scheer & Co – a high end residential and commercial boutique interior design firm based in Austin, TX. In this epode Killy shares her career path which led to the launch of her design business in 2013. In doing so,  Killy discovered an entirely new and challenging side of the business of design which included things like team building, delegating, employee retention, and leadership. Killy shares her strategy to overcoming these challenges and how developing and implementing processes and procedures for her business helped her create a more inclusive office culture with an emphasis on growth and balance. 

Ep 106 Nancy Ganzekaufer

Today we welcome author and business coach Nancy Ganzekaufer to the podcast. Nancy provides guidance, leadership, and inspiration to business owners helping them build the life and business they have always wanted. In this episode we dive into her book “Respond with Confidence – The Business Owner’s Blueprint for Handling Difficult Situations” and we discuss some key takeaways like analyzing your emotions before responding and why we should stop apologizing for everything. We also discuss how paying attention to opportunities that were presenting themselves to her helped Nancy truly hone in on her purpose… coaching. 

Ep 105 Damari Gold

Today we welcome Damari Gold, owner of The Gold Standard Accounting and Tax Firm based in Huntington Beach, California. Damari and her team are not your typical accounting firm and in this episode Damari shares how being a first generation American and business owner influenced her commitment to inform and empower clients of all levels and backgrounds to make more confident financial decisions for their business. We also discuss some of the most common fears that small business owners have when it comes to the numbers and Damari shares her top three tips for keeping your financials records in check. 

Ep 104 Las Vegas Market Re-Cap

In this special Las Vegas Market re-cap episode we checked in with three of our “must see” showrooms to see what’s new to market this Summer. First we sit down with Ken Bassman of Bassman and Blaine and he shares how their team of outside sale representatives support  multiple showrooms at market and how they help make the designer’s market experience more organized and efficient. Next we connect with Andrew Knapp of Hubbardton Forge Lighting and he shares some exciting news about lead times and how their newly introduced finishes and organic materials have helped reinvigorate the line. Then we catch up with Wes Stewart of Sunset West and he fill us in on their new partnership with Hooker Furnishings and the many exciting things in store for the brand and future markets.

Ep 103 Rebecca Plumb & Shaun Crha

Today we welcome Shaun Crha of Wrensted Interiors and Rebecca Plumb of Studio Plumb to the podcast. What started out as an Instagram friendship quickly blossomed into a designer bestie situation and the launch of their own podcast “Hot Young Designers Club”. In this episode we chat about our mutual goals of producing a podcast for the design community and how the experience has helped shape our own lives and businesses. These hotties are all in on the concept of “community over competition” and are a voice for a new generation of interior design professionals. 

Ep 102 Joshua Smith

Today we welcome Joshua Smith, owner and principal designer of Joshua Smith Inc., a Vermont based design firm specializing in full service residential interior design with an emphasis on bringing greater joy and meaning to daily living. In this episode Joshua shares how his “love of home” and years of listening to clients as a real estate professional triggered his creative passion and prompted his career in interior design.  Joshua is also a certified life coach and he shares with us the power of “mind set” and the role that it plays in the growth and development of his own design business and how it could do the same for yours. 

Ep 101 Jude Charles

Today we welcome producer, author, and storyteller Jude Charles to the podcast. Over the past 15 years Jude has produced documentaries and stories for Google, Steve Harvey, and dozens of visionary CEOs. Jude is the author of Dramatic Demonstration – a roadmap that teaches you how to dig deep to find compelling stories that no one else knows, and then leverage those stories to grow your business. In this episode we discuss the process of crafting your story and more importantly – if you’re telling the right story to support your business and your brand.

Ep 100 Lance Thomas

Today we welcome co-owner and principal designer of Thomas Guy Interiors, Lance Thomas. In this episode Lance shares how his HGTV debut rekindled his love for interior design and prompted the development of his Louisiana based design firm. We also discuss how the firm’s simple yet effective pricing structure allows them to work on large projects with a small team by eliminating so much of the unnecessary details that bog down the creative design process. Lance shares openly about the hot topic of maintaining a storefront and how it can benefit your visibility, flexibility, and profitability.  Be sure to have your notepad ready because Lance also shares a few of his favorite business tools that help keep his design biz running full steam ahead. 

Ep 99 Julie Katcherian

Today we welcome Julie Katcherian, owner and founder of KATCH Design Collective based in Costa Mesa, CA. In this episode we discuss biophilia – the human inclination to connect with nature – and how it influences our design decisions as well our clients response to the built environment. Julie shares how so many of our design decisions like material selections, room layouts, and furniture placement actually stem from the tenets associated with biophilia. We also discuss how this underlying knowledge acts as a tool to help her intentionally market her business, target better clients, and communicate her design decisions with confidence and conviction. 

Ep 98 4yr. Anniversary Episode

Welcome everyone to our 4 year anniversary episode and you know what that means… podcast takeover! This has become a really fun tradition here at Design Biz Survival Guide and I am especially excited to announce this year’s guest host… the queen of design business podcasts, Luann Nigara. 

With over 700 episodes of her own podcast “A Well Designed Business” under her belt, Luann knows her way around an interview. In this special episode, no topic is off limits and we dive deep into what motivates me, lessons learned, why I started the podcast four years ago and where the platform is going in the years to come. A conversation between Luann and I would not be complete without getting down to “the business of design” so sharpen your pencil because we drop some ah-ha moments about consistency, communication, the client experience and so much more. 

Ep 97 Samantha Gallacher

Today we welcome Samantha Gallacher, co-founder of Miami based interior design firm IG Workshop and founder of bespoke rug company Art + Loom. In this episode Samantha shares how her background in textile and rug design complimented her interior design approach and later contributed to an expansion of her business and her network of industry allies. We also discuss the reality of the “trial and error” process that comes with the territory and the balancing act of running one business while launching another. If you have a vision for expansion and collaboration in the business of design and you’re wondering what that journey looks like… this episode is for you! 

Ep 96 Natasha Hogan

Today we welcome Leader, Community Builder, and Culture Creator Natasha Hogan. Natasha is the Vice President of Marketing and Development for Dugally Oberfeld, a premiere  luxury home builder based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, Natasha shares her journey in the luxury residential market and how she built a community along the way. We also discuss her passion for team culture and the impact that it has in the office and on the job site. Our conversation dives deep into the client experience and how working with a “family” of trusted partners can support and reinforce your dedication to service. 

rozit arditi
Ep 95 Rozit Arditi

Today we welcome Rozit Arditi, Founder and Creative Director of New York based design firm, Arditi Design. In this episode we go there… yes, we talk finances. Rozit is a numbers girl and she shares with us the value of knowing your numbers from how it helps you keep a handle on budgets to understanding how common mistakes can impact your bottom line. We also discuss her background in furniture design and how she has leveraged that experience in her own business to take back control of lead times and provide custom design solutions for her clients.

Ep 94 Catie Bouchard

Today we welcome Catie Bouchard – founder of Pen + Napkin, a 501c3 Non Profit design community that furnishes and decorates homes for families and individuals transitioning out of homelessness. In this episode Catie shares how a budding career in industrial design was sidelined by an ah-ha moment that re-defined her life passion. We also discuss the impact that design has on the people and families whose lives have been compromised and how our design community can unite to solve the needs of our greater community. This episode is not only informational and inspirational, it is also a call to action. If you’re looking for an opportunity to leverage your skills and resources to benefit others, this episode is for you!

Ep 93 Lindsay Kennedy & Alexandra Cole

Today we welcome Lindsay Stokes Kennedy and Alexandra Cole – the dynamic duo behind the brand Kennedy Cole Interior Design. In this episode Lindsay and Alex share their partnership in the business of design and the benefits of collaboration and how it influences their overall client experience. We also discuss the value of clear and honest communication and how it contributes to the ongoing development of a business model that is equally fulfilling for each partner. 

Ep 92 Meredith Huck

Today we welcome Meredith Huck, owner and principal designer of House of Huck based out of Milford, Connecticut. In this episode Meredith shares how a home renovation triggered a creative spark that evolved into her newly launched interior design business. We also discuss the many resources that Meredith credits to the development of her business. From college sports, and her previous career in sales, to design business coaches and podcasts, she’s leaving no stone unturned on her journey to building a successful and profitable design business. She may be new to the biz, but she has a lot to share so if you’re in your first year of business… this episode is for you! 

Ep 91 Market Re-Cap

Today we’re re-capping our recent trip to Las Vegas Market. We checked in with our “must see” showrooms to see what’s new to market this year.  We even “hit record” and sat down with Leigh Kalvelage of MOE’s Home Collection and Wes Stewart of Sunset West Outdoor Furnishings to discuss the current state of availability and how designers and vendors can work better together to establish realistic expectations with each other and with our clients. 

Ep 90 Ann Ueno

Today we welcome Ann Ueno – owner and lead designer of her full service design firm based in Miami, FL. In this episode we discuss how years of experience in digital marketing in the hospitality industry opened the door for a new career in interior design. Ann shares her journey of learning critical design skills, developing a client experience, and the business of design. We also discuss the concept of having a long term vision for your design business, growing her team, and how paying it forward in the design community is built in to her business model. 

Ep 89 Kate Pourhassanian

Today we welcome Kate Pourhassanian, COO and self proclaimed “director of everything else” at Unscripted Interior Design. Kate is co-principal of the Colorado Based design firm along with her sisters Kari and Kasey. In this episode Kate shares how an ah-ha moment among sisters turned into a thriving design business built upon a foundation of trust and team culture. We dive deep into the value of leveraging experience and skills from a previous career to create a balanced business and a safe place to ask questions and thrive.  Kate also shares their approach to model home and amenity space design and their responsibility to their builders and developers to create environments that appeal to not just one client, but an entire demographic.   

Ep 88 Laura Brophy

Today we welcome Laura Brophy of Laura Brophy Interiors – a luxury residential design firm located in Orange County, California. In this episode Laura shares her course of education and discovery and how she leveraged every learned experience to launch her business of design. We also discuss her marketing strategy to align her brand among the best in the business and how she balances risk and innovation to capture the attention of clients and industry allies. 

Ep 87 Chrissy Crawford

Today we welcome Chrissy Crawford Corredor – founder and CEO of ARTSTAR. The New York based online resource offers a curated collection of fine art available to collectors and the design trade. In this episode Chrissy shares what prompted her to launch the online gallery and the process of navigating e-commerce pre Shopify. We also discuss ARTSTAR’s commitment to supporting emerging artists and their efforts to provide information and tools to design professionals to help maximize the role that art plays in their design projects. 

Ep 86 Sara Lynn Brennan

Today we welcome Sara Brennan of Sara Lynn Brennan Interior Design based in Waxhaw, North Carolina. In this episode Sara shares how she identified weaknesses in her business early on and instead of ignoring them she tackled them head on and created a renewed seven figure business in just three years. We also discuss Sara’s perspective on trading time for money, how she leverages her extended team of resources and service providers to increase efficiency within her business, and the importance of constantly adding value to your services.

Gage Edward
Ep 85 Gage Edward

Today we welcome Gage Edward, Interior Designer and Head of Partnerships at Side Door. In this episode Gage tells us about his journey of design from re-imagining spaces as a kid to his introduction to a multi faceted business of design twelve years ago. We also discuss the challenges that design professionals face, particularly sales and procurement, and the industry’s most promising solution empowering designers to scale their business. 

Ep 84 Jordan Hackworth

Today we welcome Jordan Hackworth of J Hackworth Interiors based in Atlanta, GA. In this episode Jordan shares his journey of design from the set of reality television in Hollywood to the launch of his own design business in 2020. Jordan learned many lessons in his first year of business and he shares some of his most eye opening realizations about his own strengths and weaknesses, the client experience, and the value of his local design community. 

Ep 83 Desi Creswell

Today we welcome Desi Creswell, a certified life and business coach who helps interior designers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can intentionally build profitable, fulfilling businesses that enrich their lives as a whole. In this episode we discuss tips and strategies for prioritization, productivity, and achieving your goals! Click here to download her Interior Designers Get it Done Daily Planner and click here to learn all about her “Out of Overwhelm” coaching program. 

Ep 82 Q&A

In this episode I answer a few of the burning questions submitted by you – our listeners! We talk motivational influencers, top design biz resources, design school pros and cons, and how to pick your lane in the business of design. We also discuss my untold path that led me to the business of design. 

Ep 81 Christina Kim

Today we welcome Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design all the way from Manasquan, New Jersey. In this episode Christina shares her path to design and her strategy for launching her own design business. Christina also shares her trials and errors and how establishing a niche for her design business was the key to elevating her brand and attracting predictable clients. 

Ep 80 Kate Greunke

Today we welcome one of our featured speakers at this year’s Design Biz Retreat, Marketing Specialist Kate Greunke – better known as Kate the Socialite. In this episode we discuss Kate’s “Confidence Based Approach” to marketing and visibility to create a more profitable and successful business. We also discuss back end strategies for your website, refining your marketing voice, and how to attract your ideal clients. 

bobby Tsui HS
Ep 79 Bobby Tsui

Today we welcome Marketing Consultant Bobby Tsui to the podcast. Bobby specializes in Marketing and Visibility Strategies for design professionals and is the founder of “Same Circle Method” which is an e-learning program that helps designers develop influential positioning in their markets so they can grow their business profitably while staying in their zone of genius. In this episode we discuss building your circle of influence, mapping ideal clients, and an unexpected social media strategy that has proven results.

Ep 78 Three Year Anniversary!

Today, photographer and podcast super fan Molly Rose is asking the questions and I do a whole lot of talking as we celebrate our 3 year anniversary of Design Biz Survival Guide. We re-cap some highlights of my journey over the past few years and we dig into some of today’s biggest challenges and opportunities for design professionals. We also have a little fun as we look back at how this whole journey began and the support system that helps keep the dream alive.

Ep 77 Kate Rasmussen

Today we welcome Designer and Executive Business Strategist Kate Rasmussen of Wade Weissmann Architecture. In this episode Kate shares her journey of design and architecture and the many influences that shaped her perspective. We also discuss what attracted her to the business of design and how a team culture rooted in optimism contributes to the firm’s signature collaborative service model and a heightened level of design that has attracted global attention.

Ep 76 Lisa Gilmore

Today we welcome Lisa Gilmore, Principal Designer and Owner of Lisa Gilmore Design based in St. Petersburg, Florida. In this episode Lisa shares her fast track journey to design business ownership and a life defining moment that stopped her in her tracks and prompted a complete makeover of her finances. We also discuss how she embraced the concept of “profit first” and the impact it had on her business, her team, and her confidence.

Ep 75 Susan Thiel

Today we welcome Susan Thiel of Susan Thiel Design to the podcast. Susan launched her full service interior design business in 2008 which specializes in new construction and major remodels. In this episode we discuss Susan’s decision to transition her design business from a traditional office space to Orange County’s premiere co-working space exclusively for interior design professionals, Studio 88. Susan also shares her perspective on community, mentorship, and paying it forward.

Ep 74 Anderson Somerselle

Today we welcome Anderson Somerselle to the podcast. In this episode we discuss Anderson’s namesake showroom SOMERSELLE and how he designed what he has dubbed “the new showroom experience” from the inside out with the needs of design professionals in mind. Anderson shares how he’s made a career of being of service to interior designers and how he plans to reinvigorate the connection between designers and showrooms. We also discuss one of my favorite topics, community over competition, and how sharing and supporting is truly the foundation of our industry.

Ep 73 Amy Monroe

Today we welcome our sales tax guru Amy Monroe to the podcast! Amy specializes in sales tax consulting and audit defense for businesses big and small. In this episode we discuss some sales tax basics and how they relate specifically to the business of design. We also dig a little deeper and discuss strategies to keep your business organized and compliant. Amy is one of our featured speakers this Fall at DESIGN BIZ RETREAT so if this conversation fires you up and you want more – hop online and resigner today.

Ep 72 Hawlie Ohe

Today we welcome Hawlie Ohe of White Sands Design Build – a full service construction, development and design firm located in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. In this episode we discuss the benefits of having the entire design build process under one roof, how it streamlines the creative process, and how the business approach takes service and communication to the next level. Hawlie also shares her approach to marketing and the role that messaging and targeted demographics has played in their business.

Ep 71 Christina Fluegge

Today we welcome back Christina Fluegge of Greige Design and Textiles as part of our “catching up with” series. In this episode we dive into innovation and discovery as it relates to business and life balance. The business of design is moving faster than ever and the opportunity for growth and diversification has never been greater. Christina reveals how she curates for her e-commerce to keep it fresh and in demand and she shares her passion for textile design and the role that it’s playing in the evolution of her design business.

Ep 70 Mike Reeves

Today we welcome Mike Reeves of Corbin Reeves Construction. A southern California based home builder specializing in high end custom home construction. In this episode Mike shares their client approach from a builder perspective, how they establish a construction budget, and how design professionals can best contribute to the process. We also discuss how partnering with a quality home builder can lower your stress level, reduce your liability, and make time for design.

Ep 69 Brian Paquette

Today we welcome Brian Paquette to the Podcast. Based in Seattle, Washington – Brian’s design business model has reinvented itself over the years in response not only to business goals but also to life priorities. In this episode we discuss how scaling back his business made more room for his passion for design, a book featuring over a decade of his work, and how he made philanthropy a tenet of his business model.

Ep 68 Katie Hodges

Today we welcome Katie Hodges to the Podcast. In this episode we talk about Katie’s unexpected path to her design career and how the encouragement of a friend convinced her to abandon the medical field and explore her true calling, design. We also discuss her “construction forward” approach to design, her commitment to her business boundaries, and her strategy to the growth and success of her five year “new” design business.

Ep 67 Kylie Van Meter

Today we welcome back Kylie Van Meter as part of our “where are they now” series. Kylie originally joined us in July of 2019 (episode 28) – she was fresh out of design school and in the process of building her design business. A lot has transpired in a year and a half and Kylie shares her experiences in hiring, acquiring office space, learning to delegate, and the value of networking. If you’ve recently launched your design business or if you’re planning to do so, this open and honest conversation with Kylie may be just what you need to prepare you for reality and motivate you to go for it.

Ep 66 Rhonnika Clifton

Today we welcome Rhonnika Clifton of RJ Clifton Designs out of Houston, Texas. In this episode we discuss Rhonnika’s detour from Healthcare to Interior Design and her continued passion for improving the quality of people’s lives. We also talk about the need for mentorship within the design community and how her program “the educated designer” provides an insider perspective of the business of design and is helping emerging design professionals build stronger and more profitable businesses.

Ep 65 Jeanne Candler

Today we welcome Jeanne Candler of Jeanne Candler Design, a Los Angeles based workroom specializing in custom window treatments. In this episode Jeanne explains how her passion and understanding of interior design turned into an opportunity to provide window treatment design services to designers, architects, and developers. We also cover the nuances of some of the basics – like motorization, black out, and COM and how a real understanding of the process can expand your offerings to your client and increase your bottom line.

Ep 64 Ryan Saghian

Today we welcome Ryan Saghian, a Los Angeles based interior designer who is blazing a trail in the industry with his fresh perspective of business and his fearless approach to design. In this episode we discuss confidence, ego and pushing boundaries. A proud millennial, Ryan is on the forefront of a movement to re-brand the business of design with an emphasis on diversity, self empowerment, and raw talent. If you’re a young designer struggling to be taken serious in the industry, this episode is for you. Ryan breaks down his journey honestly, from the heart, and with a fire that will motivate you to persevere and succeed.

Ep 63 Naomi Coe

Today we welcome back Naomi Coe of Little Crown Interiors to the podcast. Naomi was our very first featured designer when it all started back in May of 2018 and now she’s our first featured designer in our “where are they now” series. We’re catching up with some of our favorite guests to see what’s new and exciting in their world of design. In this episode we re-visit Naomi’s commitment to her design niche, we discuss her response to the recent shift in the market, and she share’s her experience of writing her very first book. If you’re thinking about adding “author” to your list of things to accomplish in the new year, grab a pad and pen because this episode is filled with nuggets of advice and inspiration.

Ep 62 2020 Year in Review

Join us as we re-cap each inspiring episode of 2020 and discuss our biggest take aways from the conversations that rang in the new year with optimism, motivated us through uncertainty, and empowered us to band together as a COMMUNITY and rise above unprecedented times. We hope this episode will encourage you to re-visit past episode and inspire you to share with a friend.

Ep 61 Julia Alt

Today we welcome Julia Alt – Principal Interior Designer of ALT DESIGN GROUP and the current chapter President of ASID Orange County . In this episode Julia shares how years of involvement in the design community have culminated into an opportunity to lead one of the largest ASID Chapters in the country. We also discuss the correlation between business and leadership, her board’s innovative approach to membership activities, and how perseverance in a time of adjustment has set the tone for the coming year.

Ep 60 Joe DeCasperis

Today we welcome Joe DeCasperis, owner and designer of his namesake Kitchen and Bath design showroom located in Canyon Lake, California. In this episode Joe breaks down his unique business model with us and demonstrates that there’s more than one way to approach the business of design. We also discuss the value of leadership and how his commitment to the industry and his willingness to listen and learn from the advice of others has placed this young designer on the fast track to success.


Today we’re re-capping the two days of presentations and ah-ha moments from the first ever DESIGN BIZ RETREAT. Our small but mighty group of design professionals and featured speakers tackled the business of design and its many challenges and left with new insight, valuable tools, and new friendships that will benefit their business for years to come. If you’re wondering what this program was all about, listen in and then mark your calendar because we already have DESIGN BIZ RETREAT 2021 on the books for October 4, 5th as well as our first ever LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE in the works for May7th. We’re taking COMMUNITY to a whole new level – join us!

Ep 58 Carrie Brigham

Today we welcome Carrie Brigham of Carrie Brigham Design based in Naples, Florida. In this episode we discuss how Carrie developed her design firm to be technology forward and how that benefited her business in 2020. We also discuss how some great advice from a design school professor and an aggressive learning curve contributed to the success of her business. Carrie shares so many valuable bits of advice, you’re gonna need a pad and pen for this one!

Ep 57 Anders Lasater

Today we welcome Laguna Beach based Architect, Anders Lasater. His award winning architectural studio specializes in custom homes, restaurants, boutique retail and commercial projects. In this episode we discuss his approach to solution based design, team trust, and how our current state of “working from home” has magnified the value of creative and innovative design.

Ep 56 Summer Meddock

Today we welcome Summer Meddock of Meddock Interiors, a full service design firm and retail retail storefront based in Newport Beach, CA. In this episode Summer and I sit down and have a real talk about her journey to launching her design business and the mind set she has adopted to see her way through this uncertain time and remain focused on the future. You know that saying.. “I didn’t come all this way to leave now”, well Summer and I bring life and perspective to that statement and we’re sharing it all with you!

Ep 55 Stacey Brown Randall

Today we welcome Stacey Brown Randall, author, entrepreneur, and business coach. Her concept of “generating business referrals without asking” has inspired entrepreneurs and business owners around the world and she’s sharing her top tips with us! Stacey dives into the importance of cultivating relationships and leading with authenticity to generate opportunity. Get ready to take your business to the next level because Stacey’s modern concept of generating referrals is gonna rock your world!



Ep 54 Lauren Czarniecki

Today we welcome Lauren Czarniecki of CZAR Interiors, a Florida based boutique firm specializing in residential and commercial design. In this episode Lauren shares her path to launching her own firm just four years ago and the growing pains associated with the development of her business and how she overcame them. We also dive into Lauren’s perspective on establishing team culture, the value of continued education and certification, and how the support of family and friends contributes to her fearless vision for the future of her design business.


Ep 53 Wendy Yates

Today we welcome Wendy Yates of Abigail – Elise Design Studio, a Colorado based interior design firm specializing in interiors and merchandising for commercial, hospitality and residential projects. In this episode we discuss Wendy’s career path to design and her unique approach to developing a business model that promotes wellness, balance, and adventure. We also talk about the joy and satisfaction of pursuing not just one but all of your passions in life, how to stop listening to society’s limitations, and honoring your inner humanitarian.


Ep 52 Annette English and Andrea Popkin

Today we welcome Annette English and Andrea Popkin of Annette English and Associates, a boutique interior design firm based in Los Angeles, California. In this episode, Annette and Andrea discuss their path to partnership and the “why” behind promoting from within. We also discuss team culture, the value of leadership, and what it takes to be a part of their small but mighty team. If you’re in the process of developing your legacy dream team or if you are a design team member who is looking for ways of exhibiting dedication and a future with your firm, this episode is for you!

E51 Ray Langhammer

He’s here! Today we welcome Ray Langhammer of RL Interiors to the podcast. In this episode we chat about Ray’s role as Creative Director for a global brand and how that experience has helped pave the way for his next chapter in life and business. At a time when many design professionals are weighing their options for the future of their business, Ray shares his strategy for re-invention and the infinite possibilities that lye ahead.



E50 Michelle Lynne

Today we welcome Michelle Lynne, owner of ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX and founder of Designed for the Creative Mind – a coaching platform that empowers design professionals to grow more productive and profitable businesses. In this episode we discuss Michelle’s business model and her approach to building her own design team with balance and growth in mind. We also discuss her coaching program and the “ah-ha” moment that revealed her super power.



E49 Karyn Millet

Join us as we continue the conversation about visibility and your business with photographer Karyn Millet. In this episode Karyn shares how years of experience in publishing and PR has contributed to her approach to capturing swoon worthy imagery for the pages of some of our favorite design publications. We also discuss the politics of a photo shoot, pitching your work to editors, and social media etiquette.



E48 Natalie Norcross

Today we welcome Natalie Norcross, CEO and founder of A Design Partnership – a full service communications agency specializing in public relations for the interior design and architectural community. With a background in luxury residential and hospitality design, Natalie speaks the language of design professionals and shares just what it takes to develop an effective PR strategy for your business. In this episode we also discuss her new online subscription service, Interior Design PR created to guide and support small businesses in the development of their PR strategy.


E47 Erik Peterson

Today we welcome Erik Peterson, founder of PHX Architecture with operations in Scottsdale, AZ and Beverly Hills, CA. In this episode Erik shares how following his passion and saying YES to opportunity led him on a career path that he could have never imagined. We also discuss his approach to expanding his business model and how networking within the design community played a vital role in the evolution of his business.



E46 Braden Drake

Today we welcome Braden Drake of Braden Drake Law. He’s the host and founder of one of my favorite podcasts, UNF*CK YOUR BIZ, and the super cool online community resource by the same name. Braden is dedicated to providing legit legal and tax education to the creative entrepreneur community. In this episode we talk about his process of establishing his specialty client market, identifying client needs, and his no nonsense approach to educating and empowering fellow small business owners.




E45 Traci Connell

Today we welcome Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors, a full service design firm based in Dallas, Texas. In this episode Traci tells us how she built her business to be her rock during a time of challenge and how the pressure of necessity has lead her to a place of giving back to the design community in a very special way. This episode is all about transparency, and we’re not talking about pricing. Design Professionals are real people with real lives and Traci reminds us that roadblocks and challenges are inevitable. Listen in as she shares her top tips on how to overcome uncertainty and getting un-stuck.


E44 Annette Reeves

Today we welcome Annette Reeves, a long time design build industry partner and appliance & fixture specialist at PIRCH. In this episode we discuss how Annette collaborates with designers, builders, and architects on projects big and small to help them specify like a pro! We also discuss being of service and our mutual passion to elevate the design community through informing and inspiring fellow design professionals.



E43 Jenny and Brooks Crawford

Today we welcome Jenny and Brooks Crawford of Brookside Design in Carlsbad, California. This husband and wife team turned their mutual love and respect for the outdoors into a mission to extend comfort and design beyond the carpeted area. In this episode we talk about the evolution of their multi faceted design business, how interior design drives their vision, and the delicate daily balance of marriage and business.




E42 Rachel Moriarty

Today we welcome award winning designer, industry leader, and visibility queen – Rachel Moriarty of Rachel Moriarty Interiors based out of San Diego, CA. In this episode Rachel shares her top visibility strategies for 2020 including the value of video content, how to leverage media exposure to be more relevant to consumers, and why you should get behind the microphone and use your voice.




E41 Matt Dugally

Today we welcome Matt Dugally of Dugally Oberfeld – an internationally recognized luxury home builder. In this episode we re-visit team synergy and we hear Matt’s perspective on the importance of the architect, builder, designer relationship. Matt also shares the top three things that luxury builders are looking for from design professionals as well as his concept of “construction physics” and how it effects the outcome of every project.




E40 Robin Strickler

Today we welcome Robin Strickler – founder and principal of Design Works, a Southern California based design firm known for their stylish yet timeless design aesthetic. In this episode Robin walks us through her journey from fashionista to interior design tastemaker. We also discuss the heightened designer expectation, the reality of burn out among our peers, and our mutual fondness for Nate Berkus.




E39 Capella Kincheloe

Today we welcome Capella Kincheloe to the podcast and we discuss why she crossed over from Interior Design to design business coaching. Capella joins the growing ranks of design professionals who have found their true calling – to provide valuable information and guidance to help designers grow their business. Her 2020 Design Business Planner is my new obsession and we break it down for you, step by step, explaining how you can take real inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and dreams and apply that to your business strategy for the coming year.



E38 Mark Weaver

Today we welcome Mark Weaver – founder of Mark Weaver & Associates, a full service design firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA . With over forty years of design biz experience, Mark is no stranger to the ever changing design industry and in this episode he shares his perspective on the client experience, team culture, design education, and design inspiration. We also discuss the state of luxury design and the client expectations associated with this unique market.




E37 Chris Johnson

Today we welcome Chris Johnson – founder of Design Tec, a California based design firm specializing in model homes and commercial spaces. In this episode we talk about attitude, ambition, and good old fashioned hard work. Chris also shares her thoughts on leadership, employee retention, and her path to reinvention which culminated into a trend setting business model of collaborative work space exclusively for design professionals, Studio 88.




E36 Tamara Day

Today we welcome Kansas City based interior designer Tamara Day of Growing Days, a multi faceted design business. In this episode we talk with Tamara about growing her brand from scratch, how her annual open house consignment sale evolved into a thriving design and e-commerce business, and how she managed it all with a child on her hip. We also discuss her popular TV show Bargain Mansions and the unexpected benefit of sharing the spotlight with her co-host, who also happens to be her dad, that will change your perspective on the impact of design.




E35 Paul McClean

Today we welcome our very first featured architect to the podcast, Paul McClean. Paul’s ten person architectural firm specializes in contemporary residential architecture in and around Southern California and abroad. In this episode we talk about the “design team” dynamic from an architect’s perspective. We discuss how architecture promotes community, the pros and cons of architectural guidelines, and the state of the design industry as it relates to architects, builders, and designers.




E34 Max Humphrey

Today we welcome Max Humphrey to the podcast. In this episode Max shares his “non-business model” and his secret to keeping it fresh and keeping it real. We also discuss how his experience in TV and film production and touring the country with his punk rock band influenced his exodus from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon where he mans the helm of his thriving interior design business.





E33 Haus of Design

Today we welcome Nicole Perrault and Gina Villasenor from Haus of Design based out of Costa Mesa, CA. We talk about team work, project diversification, and the absolute value of fulfilling every commitment you make to your clients, your business, and yourself. Nicole and Gina both have experience working in design trade showrooms and they’ve leveraged that experience to develop processes and procedures that empower their team and keep their clients informed at all times.




E32 Sarah Strader

Today we welcome Sarah Strader – of Sarah Strader Textiles. In this episode Sarah shares her journey from interior designer to furniture designer to her current venture in hand blocked textile design. We talk about the pros and cons of having multiple ventures in play at the same time and how she refined her business model without sacrificing adventure and creativity. We also dig in to visibility and how Sarah leveraged years of networking and connections to launch her textile line in true “go big or go home” fashion.




E31 Erica Bryen

Today we welcome Erica Bryen – Principal Designer and Owner of Erica Bryen Design. In this episode Erica shares her passion for interior design and her long time role as buyer for one of Orange County’s premiere “to the trade” showrooms. We also talk about the reality of client relations, how she leverages her association with a showroom to streamline her design business, and her “real world” advice to design professionals about knowing your value and standing your ground.




E30 Erinn Valencich

Today we welcome Erinn Valencich of Erinn V Design Group to the podcast and we discuss her many endeavors in the interior design industry from launching her own interior design firm to developing and designing her stunning made to order furniture line for the trade. Erinn openly shares her passion for the business of design, her very real observation of the industry, and her game changing solution for the business of the design that has the design community at the edge of our seats!




E29 Brooke Wagner

Today we welcome Brooke Wagner of Brooke Wagner Design – a full service design firm based out of Corona Del Mar, California. Brooke literally started her design firm from her dining room table fifteen years ago and has expanded to what is now a team of nine specializing in new construction collaborations with Orange County’s top builders and architects. Brooke truly understands the value of community and in this episode we discuss how she leveraged years of experience, contacts and relationships to solidify her brand and her intention as a design professional. We chat about the reality of business and personal life balance, what really happens behind the lens of Instagram, and why you need to be fast on your feet to make it in this industry.



E28 Kylie Van Meter

Today we welcome Kylie Van Meter of Kylie Interiors – a full service design firm based out of Ventura County, California. Kylie is a recent design school graduate with a degree in Interior Design and Business Accounting. In this episode we talk about the reality of design school, the value of “on the job” work experience, and Kylie’s path to launching her very own interior design business just a few months ago.

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to feature an emerging design professional fresh out of design school. Kylie caught my attention on Instagram when she posted a meaningful account of her design school journey and her excitement to finally graduate. I know many of you are in design school right now and are eagerly anticipating your design career. The opportunities are endless and can sometimes be overwhelming. I truly believe that this conversation about life and the business of design could be just the inspiration you need to aim high and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

E27 Britany Simon

Today we welcome Britany Simon of Britany Simon Design House based in Scottsdale, Arizona. You may recognize Britany from her recent appearance on Bravo Network’s newest design show “Best Rooms Wins”. She’s also appeared on HGTV Design Star, The Travel Channel, and FYI Network – all while manning the helm of her award winning design firm. In this episode we focus on designing for TV and what it really takes to design a space under the pressure of time, finances, logistics, and a camera crew. If you’re considering adding “TV Host and Personality” to your professional bio, this episode is for you!




E26 One Year Anniversary Show

In this special anniversary episode Raili Clasen from episode 7 returns for a PODCAST TAKEOVER! With Raili behind the controls and ME in the hot seat, we discuss the making of the podcast and how it has contributed to the design community. We uncover the mystery behind my day job, blow the cover off my weekend disguise, expose my introvert tendencies, and a few other things you may not know about me.





E25 Special Encore Presentation with Alexa Hampton from ARRIVE hosted by Laguna Design Center

Today we have a special encore presentation of our conversation with Alexa Hampton as part of the newly developed “non-market” concept ARRIVE hosted by Laguna Design Center in Laguna Niguel, CA. They day’s events revolved around business and personal development for design professionals and what better way to kick off the day than with a fun and relatable conversation with Alexa Hampton. In this episode we discuss our role in the design community, A-ha moments, and the road to partnerships.

Before we get started I want to thank Laguna Design Center, Luxe Magazine, and KRAVET for making Design Biz Survival Guide a part of this very special day. Together with all of the related sponsors, showrooms, and contributors – this newly developed approach to engage the design community was an overwhelming success and we look forward to being a part of it for years to come.


E24 Nancy Russert

Today we welcome Nancy Russert of Les Beaux Design and TWIST Custom Workroom. In today’s episode we talk about how Nancy’s passion, persistence, and instinct created a perfect recipe for her thriving design business and custom workroom. She went from intern to business owner practically over night and a few years later when the opportunity to expand her design business into custom fabrication presented itself she rallied her community and went for it. Nancy’s journey is invigorating and inspiring. If you’re on the fence right now about a pivot in your business model… this episode is for you!



E23 Christina Fluegge

In this episode we catch up with one of my all time favorite design bloggers Christina Fluegge of Greige Design. We talk about how her blog helped launch her brand which now extends across multiple platforms including interior design, textile design, and e-commerce. We also discuss the state of blogging today verses ten years ago and whether blogging is still relevant in the age of Instagram and influencers.





E22 Behind the Scenes at The Christopher Kennedy Compound – Part Two

Part 2 of our Modernism Week podcast featuring the talented designers of the Christopher Kennedy Compound located in beautiful Palm Springs, California. This talented group of world class designers helped create a showcase house which has become the hottest ticket in town. In this episode we chat with Brian Paquette, Lisa McDennon, Gordon Kurtis, Michelle Boudreau, and the man behind it all… Christopher Kennedy. With over 150 people per hour touring the house and over 5000 attendees over the course of the 10 day run, the Christopher Kennedy Compound has captured the attention of designers and design enthusiasts around the world. Listen in as we chat with the exclusive cast of designers about their intention and contribution to what has become “the” showcase house of Southern California.



E21 Behind the Scenes at The Christopher Kennedy Compound – Part One

Just a few short weeks ago we took the show on the road to sunny Palm Springs to experience the most anticipated week of design and architecture in Southern California – Modernism Week. We set up camp at the premiere showcase house, The Christopher Kennedy Compound, where we caught up with a few of the talented designers behind what has been dubbed the number one “must see” event of Modernism Week. In this episode we visit with Lori Paranjape, Joe Lucas, and Jeff Schlarb about their participation. We also chat with Warren and Steve – the lucky duo who get to call this spectacular newly renovated 1962 residence HOME.



E20 Mikel Welch

This is our third and final interview from Las Vegas Market and what better way to wrap up the series than with the talented and energetic Mikel Welch. In this episode Mikel shares his journey from offering up free design services on Craigs List to develop his portfolio to becoming the “go to” designer for the Steve Harvey Show. Mikel’s persistence and unapologetic approach to the business of design has served him well over the years and he is just warming up! Known among the design community for keeping it real, Mikel shares the reality of his design biz – the sacrifices, the lessons, and the blessings.



E19 Lindsey Borchard

Today we welcome Lindsey Borchard – Owner and principal designer of Lindsey Brooke Design. We caught up with Lindsey in between panel discussions and networking events in Las Vegas to discuss her philosophy and strategies to developing an ever growing design business and an unexpected following of fellow designers who cherish Lindsey’s “real world” business advice and “heart felt” dedication to sharing and contributing to the growth of our design community. Lindsey is blazing her trail to success and she’s welcoming like minded design professionals along for the ride.



E18 Anna Schweiss

Today we welcome Anna Schweiss – VP of Design and Merchandising for Essentials For Living. You may know Anna from Star International and Orient Express – both of which now fall under the newly developed brand Essentials For Living. The family owned furniture company has been providing stylish quality furnishings to the design trade for forty years. We caught up with Anna in their newly remodeled Las Vegas Showroom where we discussed the the business of design as it relates to product design and brand identity. We also discuss the broad spectrum of opportunity within the design industry from business development to design trade support. If you’re wondering if you should be doing “something else” within the design industry and you just haven’t found your place… this episode will open your mind to explore aspects of design that you may have never considered.


E17 Jesse DeSanti

Today we welcome Jesse DeSanti – Creative Director and Owner of JETTE CREATIVE – a Southern California based full service design group specializing in timeless design with an emphasis on architectural integrity. Our conversation today revolves around the “journey”of a design professional. In Jesse’s case, the journey from design intern at age 17 to her journey through design school while simultaneously working for a notable architectural design build firm. A chance reunion with the same designer whom she interned as a high school student led her on a new path to Portland, Oregon but her serendipitous introduction to the man of her dreams led her back to Southern California where she launched JETTE CREATIVE. Jesse’s perspective on life, family, and the business of design is both refreshing and inspiring and I can’t wait to share it with you.


E16 Tony Estrada

Today we welcome Tony Estrada – principal of , a full service Marketing and Web Design studio specializing in website development for design professionals. In this episode we discuss the importance of a professionally curated website and why all of your digital marketing efforts should connect back to your home on the internet, your website. Tony shares valuable advice on how to best structure your web presence on every platform from social media to email marketing. If its been more than six months since you’ve refreshed your website in some way, this episode is your wake up call.




E15 Amanda Malson

Today we welcome Amanda Malson of Common Standard
Amanda shares her design journey with us from her early days at KWID – that’s Kelly Wearstler Interior Design – to her days of riding the new wave of social media and online magazines, to her current incarnation as the “go-to” designer for soulful design with a vintage vibe. In this episode we discuss the “why” that drives her creative business and the “how” that allows her to grow and explore without boundaries.




E14 Beth Whitlinger

Today we welcome Beth Whitlinger of Beth Whitlinger Interior Design – an Orange County design firm with an International portfolio. In this episode Beth shares how her obsession with the details, her innovative use of technology, and her love of all things related to the business of design has contributed to the ongoing growth of her business and her demographic reach. Beth refers to decades of experience when providing design business coaching through her newest venture, The Interior Design Coach which I can’t wait to share with you!




E13 Christopher Kennedy

Today we welcome Christopher Kennedy of Christopher Kennedy Interiors based out of sunny Palm Springs, California. Dubbed “The Ralph Lauren of the West Coast”, Christopher’s approach to design exemplifies the modern California Lifestyle. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Traditional Home, Elle Decor, and Architectural Digest. In this episode we talk about life balance, pricing strategies, and how he pays it forward in the design community. Christopher is an open book and candidly shares his thoughts on the business of design and the many ways that design professionals can re-shape their pricing structure to meet the expectations of a new generation of consumer.



E12 High Point Market Re-Cap

Today’s episode is a re-cap of our trip to High Point Market. Host Rick Campos shares his insight on some of the amazing keynote presentations and panel discussions he attended and his take away from discussions like “The New Business as Usual,” Taking Care of Yourself and your Clients,” “Design’s New Deal” and “Tech Tools: Reviews from the Designers Who Use Them.”



E11 Thomas Lavin

Today we welcome Thomas Lavin, founder and owner of Thomas Lavin Showroom. Thomas is an innovative businessman dedicated to the growth of the design trade industry. His flagship showroom in Los Angeles and his recently opened showroom in Orange County both reflect Thomas’ commitment to quality, service, and professionalism. Today we talk about “to the trade” and the value of transparency and education within the design industry – and more importantly our responsibility to extend it to our clients and consumers. From self proclaimed “job hopping administrative assistant” to one of the most influential design trade professionals on the scene, Thomas shares his inspiring journey and his optimistic vision of the future of the design trade.



E10 Kim Kuhteubl

Today we welcome Kim Kuhteubl of Me by Design and author of “Branding + Interior Design, Visibility and Business Strategy for Interior Designers”. Kim is a producer, writer, and visibility strategist specializing in the shelter industry. In this episode we discuss how to identify and define your voice and intention in this industry and how to insert that effort into your marketing and branding strategy for your business. I’ve considered Kim’s book a “must read” for every design professional out there no matter how long you’ve been in the biz. If you’re ready to build a platform, change your mind set, and up your game, this episode is for you!



E9 Lindye Galloway

Today we welcome Lindye Galloway of Lindye Galloway Interiors
Relatively new to the interior design scene, Lindye has blazed a trail of eye catching trend setting design that has captured the attention of top shelter publications and over fifty thousand Instagram followers. We talk about the reality of starting a design business and a family simultaneously. We also discuss how Lindye elevated her design business to the next level with laser beam focus on the specific types of projects and opportunities that best suited her growing business model. Lindye is a fearless entrepreneur, a generous leader, and my newest BFF. I can’t wait to share our conversation with you…



E8 Wendi Young

Today we welcome Wendi Young of Wendi Young Design With over twenty years in the design business, Wendi, along with her talented design team, has completed hundreds of full scale interior design projects for clients near and far. Wendi has witnessed first hand the transformation of the design industry and has responded both creatively and from a business perspective with acceptance and innovation. Her thoughtful approach to business and design has served her well over the years and her message today is both thought provoking and inspiring.



E7 Raili Clasen

Today we welcome Raili Clasen of Raili CA Design A self proclaimed “newbie” to the interior design community, Raili shares how she went from surf brand to her newly established rock star interior design status with nothing more than a mail order furniture catalog and her passion to create hip stylish living spaces. Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, Domino, Architectural Digest, and Sunset Magazine just to name a few. The press loves her and you will too when you hear her no-nonsense approach to design and business.



E6 Denise Morrison

Today we welcome Denise Morison of Denise Morrison Interiors Denise specializes in new construction residential interior design and has recently added a retail component to her design business called House of Morrison. If you’re thinking about adding a new stream of revenue to your design business concept this is the episode for you! We discuss online verses brick & mortar, private label, and specialized marketing.



E5 Megan Stone

Today we welcome Megan Stone of The High Road Design Studio Megan specializes in the cannabis consumer experience through professional retail design. In this episode we discuss her multi faceted approach to design in this new and rapidly growing retail market. We also touch on the value of establishing a niche in design and sticking to it as well as the importance of being an authority not only in her field of design but also in her specialty market.



E4 Lisa McDennon

Today we welcome Lisa McDennon of Lisa McDennon Design and NUANCE Home Boutique Both based out of Laguna Beach, CA. In this episode we discuss the synergy between designers, builders, and architects. We talk about how Lisa achieves her signature refined and sophisticated design style and we discuss her recent collaboration with HINKLEY LIGHTING and how it almost didn’t happen.



E3 Rona Graf

Today we welcome Rona Graf of Grace Blu Designs Rona has been in the Interior design community for eleven years and specializes in residential new construction and major re-models. During our conversation we talk about the business of design on every level. From staying ahead of the curve to her approach to qualifying the perfect clients, Rona lets us in on the the things that drive her business and her success.



E2 Valerie Saunders

Today we welcome Valerie Saunders of SERENDIPITE, a residential interior design firm Valerie has been in the Interior design community for over 20 years and is celebrating her 9 year anniversary as the leader of her very own design firm. Valerie is the consummate “hostess with the mostess” and she uses her gracious hospitality to connect with not only her clients but also her employees, associates, and service providers.

Valerie comes from a place of giving and her message of client satisfaction coupled with her steadfast business approach is truly an inspiration that I can’t wait to share with you.


E1 Naomi Alon Coe

Today we welcome Naomi Alon Coe of Little Crown Interiors. Naomi has been in the Interior design community for ten years and has dug her heels firmly into the niche market of Nursery Design. During our conversation we touch on topics such as E-Design, Social Media, and Communal Office Space. Our conversation comes full circle when we discuss paying it forward and Naomi shares her association with an amazing organization called A Sense of Home.